Evangelism Spheres

What is your target group? Who are you trying to reach?
I get asked this question whenever I tell people we moved to Irvine, CA to plant a new church.

So instead of giving a typical demographic answer based on racial breakdown, I am learning to give an answer that is based more on social breakdown or group of people I actually do life with.

1. Biological
My target group of evangelism begins with my family – my wife and two kids. I am asking, “What does it look like for my wife and children to know and experience the gospel in everyday life moments and events?” Am I being a good witness of Jesus in the context of my immediate family and extended family members? Do I engage my family with the practices of early church followers of Jesus – word, prayer, breaking of bread and fellowship?

2. Vocational
It’s been almost 28 years since Jesus rescued me from my childhood follies and sins and set me on a journey of following him as my Lord and Savior. It’s been 20 years since Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount to me in Matthew’s gospel by the Holy Spirit. He called me to seek Jesus’ power and Jesus’ truth first. This calling unfolded over the last twenty years in pastoral ministries and the last five years in my vision for church planting. I am asking, “How can I continue to grow as Jesus’ disciple in a way that makes and multiplies disciples?” Am I pastoring a congregation or planting a church as a job (something that I have to do) or a calling (something that I get to do)?

3. Recreational
I enjoy many activities and interests. I enjoy playing team sports, riding a mountain bike or a casual run or walk in the neighborhood. Most recently, I’m getting a nice tan as a result of swimming and spending time with my kids at the pool. I am asking, “How can I spend time with my kids and get to know others and encourage my children to see play dates as opportunities to serve, love, and know other children in order to lead them to Jesus?

4. Geographical
We have eight homes in our cul-de-sac. It’s a great challenge to get to know them personally as well as spiritually. They are nice families that value hard work, education, and success. I am asking, “What does it look like to present the gospel to people so that they see their need to believe and follow Jesus?” We have an upcoming block party. My family is excited to meet and converse over this year’s BBQ ingredient – fish. I welcome any of your favorite recipes.

5. Digital
I decided to blog recently to update family, friends and people I got to connect with through social media (Facebook and Twitter). I am learning that this social sphere can be a great way to influence people about Jesus and invite people to see what Jesus is doing in my life as a testimony to his power and truth.

I just shared my evangelism spheres with you. They are friends God placed in my life for me to lead to the true friend, Jesus – wife, kids, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, future friends at the pool or playground, church members, people on line and off line. What does your sphere look like?

How are you living as a follower of Jesus where he has you now?
Who and where is Jesus leading you to share your life as a witness to him?

2 thoughts on “Evangelism Spheres

  1. Hi Samuel and family:)
    All good questions..
    the one on BBQ fish recipe… we learned this one from a guy who used to work in fisheries and had lots of salmon avail. to feed his family. a favorite: fillet of salmon, place skin side down on foil. Liberally sprinkle it with salt and garlic powder. Place it on charcoal BBQ grill, and put soaked wood chips on the charcoal. Cook it fairly slowly, smoking it with the lid down (if fire needs to be hotter, crack the lid or adjust vents..) when almost done, drizzle with melted butter and some lemon juice and sprinkle it with crushed dry parsley. I could eat my weight in it – well almost!
    Currently, the Spirit has brought to my attention Muslims living in Rainier Valley when we went to a Stand and Speak event at MHRV. So, I’m trying to find out about another large area where they may be living in Federal Way? and may bring up the idea of a prayer walk in the area..
    Hope you all are well, and hope to see you for a bit in August:)

  2. Sue, thank you for the recipe. Carol told me about your visit in Aug. I’m glad to hear about your heart for evangelism and mission.

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