A Testimony to God’s Grace

I heard the phrase “evidences of God’s grace” first at the Resurgence Conference in 2008 where C.J. Mahaney talked about the story of God’s grace and mercy in his life. As I look back the past couple months, I am reminded once again what I need to do to plant a church – preach the gospel to myself.

Evidences of God’s grace last two months can be summarized in Jesus, the Gospel, and the Holy Spirit.

I am passionate about following Jesus
Life in Jesus and life with Jesus is a journey of learning that I am not the center of my life. When I naturally incline towards seeking comfort, control and constancy, I see God’s grace in showing me that Jesus is my comfort, Jesus is in control and Jesus is the only thing that is constant.

I am passionate about the Gospel
I come from a very churched, conservative, Confucian culture where asking questions to older people is considered disrespectful and rude. The churched, conservative and Confucian communal culture is very good at assuming and presuming. Gospel is easily assumed and presumed. My heart grieves and mourns the denial of the gospel by the children of those who assumed and presumed upon it for a long time. I am passionate about making the gospel explicit, excellent, and eminent in my own life that my children can see it clearly what the good news of Jesus Christ is all about.

Holy Spirit
I am passionate about being filled the Holy Spirit
I thank God for the joy and peace I experience and receive when I read the Bible. Reading and memorizing the Scriptures with my children renews my mind, revives my heart, and reforms my conduct in a way that the pursuit of holiness, humility and honorable ambition gives meaning and purpose for daily living.


I thank God for his grace in showing me Jesus, telling me the Gospel, and leading me by the Holy Spirit.

What are the evidences of God’s grace in your life?




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