August Update

Dear Friends,

Jesus loves his people. Jesus instructs, teaches and counsels his people by the Word and the Spirit.

I am learning day by day the importance of the Word and the Spirit – reading, reflecting, recording and responding to Jesus as I follow him.

I want to update you with the following three areas where I will be focusing during the month of August.

1. Gospel Life Plan 2. Stewardship 3. Discipleship

Gospel Life Plan

I updated my gospel life plan in July with a mission statement – “Lead a balanced, gospel-centered life by seeking Jesus’ power and truth.” (based on Matthew 6:33) It is one thing to write a plan and another to work on the details of the plan. I am learning to communicate proactively and precisely focusing on the responsibilities Jesus reminds me to carry out each day.


I am learning that before I pray and prepare to gather the core group for the new church plant, I need to meet with a lawyer, an accountant, and an insurance agent who would walk me through the legal, financial, and operational liabilities to make sure that I remain above reproach.


Jesus blessed us with a great gospel-centered church community – Mars Hill Orange County. I get to serve with pastor Nick (Lead Pastor of MHOC) on his team in making disciples and planting churches in the greater OC area and beyond. Currently, I get to help with Mars Hill Kids to encourage and equip current and future volunteers and leaders. Also I lead community groups in my neighborhood. I am in discipling relationships with a few men in the context of community groups and in the Acts 29 Network through the use of gospel coach.
Lastly, I believe communication with God and his people is what gives birth to new vision, new births, new growth and new churches. I would appreciate your prayers as I work on what prayer partnership looks like for the mission we are on.

Celebrating wins in Jesus




2 thoughts on “August Update

  1. I miss you and your family a lot, Pastor Sam! I know God’s going to do some amazing things over there!

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