Quotes from Community “Taking Your Small Group Off Life Support”

1. Community is for us a declaration of the overwhelming love of God, a tangible proclamation of the reconciling work of the cross.

2. Scripture emphasizes that we cannot image God’s relational nature in isolation.

3. Reflecting the glory of God as an image bearer is to proclaim who God is through our lives.

4. We want a people who have such a clear view of Jesus that temporal circumstances do not make them waiver from their call to make disciples.

5. A community that has been transformed by the gospel reflects the nature of God.

6. We have community groups as a proclamation of the goodness of our God and testimony to the completed work of the cross.

7. Our communities should be the most palpable expression of the gospel within the church.

8. Neglect breeds apathy and leads to death for a small group ministry.

9. Fight for the legacy of a church that changed the city within which it existed, and one that lifted up the name of Jesus to be worshiped and adored.

10. Ownership needs to permeate every fiber of the church as a sponge that is saturated with water.

11. “I like what you are doing” is dramatically different than “I believe in what we are doing.”

12. Our churches are filled with people who agree with the mission but do not own it.

13. Ownership looks like people participating in the messiness of community and being inconvenienced for the sake of another’s sanctification.

14. Our apathy toward the mission of God is not because of a lack of knowing what to do. It is our blindness to his glory and grace that keeps us satisfied with nominal Christianity.

15. Obedience inspired by love is missional.

16. If we want to be a missional church that sees the lives in our cities transformed by the gospel, we must foster a holy discontentment with the status quo and resist apathy toward God’s mission.

17. Our greatest ally in advancing the kingdom is not a good strategy but the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

18. It is from the image of God and the reconciling work of Jesus on the cross that we express our identity as disciples of Christ through worship to God, community with the body of Christ, and mission to the world.

19. We are the body of Christ created in the image of God, who exists in community.

20. We are missionaries created in the image of a sent and sending God.

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