Making the Gospel Explicit

Making the gospel explicit requires courage and crazy love for Jesus.


Joshua declared to the people of Israel, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” He challenges God’s people who are used to the idols of comfort and control to be in covenant relationship with the Lord.

Making the gospel explicit takes ownership and stewardship.
Rentals and freebies are non-committal, short-term, and disposable.
Ownership and stewardship are covenantal, long-term and redemptive.

Which one do you think Jesus chose?

Ownership and stewardship for me as a church planter requires courage to make contracts with people who would help making the gospel explicit instead of illicit.

Creating a team of lawyer, accountant, agent, artist, and broker is necessary investigation and investment for the purpose of making the gospel explicit and excellent.

How are you making the gospel explicit?
What do you need to own as a follower of Jesus?
How do you steward your time, talent, and treasure as a follower of Jesus?

Crazy Love

The best possible scenario for a church planter is that the church you get to plant grows as a new branch of the vine that bears much fruit to the joy of the Gardener.
The worst possible case scenario is that you are pruned through the whole process and become more sanctified to produce more fruit.
Either way, you are blessed.

What are you afraid to do?
What is holding you back from loving Jesus with crazy love?

Praying for more courage and more crazy love for Jesus.

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