Deal or No Deal

Deal with me. Jesus says to his people who are used to make deals with other people or themselves.

What makes life hard to live is the fact that we don’t know how to make deals with the giver of life.

People make resolutions and deals with themselves to face the inevitable failures and brokenness.
Some place their hopes on the few people who seemed to have made it. Others look for help and heroes to come and rescue them from broken deals.

Jesus says, “Deal with me.”
Bountiful dealings with the Lord looks like depending on the person, words and works of the one who invites us to deal with.

Deal or no deal is more than the entertainment show by which you vicariously enjoy the success or failure of others.
It’s a real choice and decision we need to learn to make if we are to experience real music and drama of rescue and restoration.

Are you ready and willing to deal with Jesus?
If not, what’s holding you back from dealing bountifully with Jesus?

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