Anger or Unction

Are you leading out of your anger or out of unction of the Holy Spirit?

I heard this question first time during the Elephant Room 2 early this year. T.D. Jakes asked this question and the whole room became silent as if we agreed to park our minds on the question and ponder.

In my conversations with people at church and at home, I face this challenge of knowing when to be tough and tender.

I am not a native speaker of English, but English is my primary language in communication both in speaking and writing. The personality that accompanies most often when I am speaking English is intellectual and intentional. This often leads to intense and overwhelming experience for those I engage.

This morning I asked my daughter to forgive me for being so intense and impatient while helping her figure out place values in doing  multiplication problems.

When was the last time people around you noticed the volume of your voice increase in conversations?
Do you see Jesus as a lightening rod to whom you connect to ground your emotions before you confront other people?

You need to feel righteous anger when you see injustice, wickedness, and unrighteousness. But what you do with that righteous anger will determine whether you can be used as instruments of redemption in the hands of the Redeemer. Remember that Jesus sees the same injustice, wickedness, and unrighteousness. Remember that Jesus received injustice on behalf of wicked and unrighteous people including ourselves. Remember that Jesus changes the world around us as we are changed by his message and mercy.

Transformation of the world happens when we experience the change in our hearts, our attitudes, and our relationships.

Are you living by and leading out of the unction of the Holy Spirit who convicts, comforts, and counsels you in conversations, with commitments, and through communities?

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