Pain and Humilty

I recently had a sharp back pain that made it very difficult to walk or work.

Pain immediately made me grumpy and whiny. It was painfully clear that I valued comfort and competency.

Comfort is good. Competency is good, too.

But the loss of freedom to walk or work really bothered me. Many things were on the line – my family, ministry, and legacy.

I need to go and get things done.
But the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus came and finished the work.
Also, he assured me that healing and help are available in Jesus.

It turned out that the acupuncturist who helped me to heal was a Christian woman.

I am learning to see the value in pain, discomfort and incompetency.

By the grace of God, I am learning to be gracious when I am in pain and become a witness in showing that Jesus is my healing and help in times of trouble.

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