The Middle Class Myth


What we perceive as the middle class in America is a myth of upward social, economic mobility that is not sustainable if the middle class continues to compare itself with the upper class and is not content with where they are.

According to the middle class America, government, big corporations, upper class, foreign countries, etc are responsible for the inability to keep their standard of living. Only 8% of the middle class points to themselves as the ones to blame for losing their economic ground.

I wonder if we are asking wrong questions rather than asking the right questions.

What would it look like for the middle class America to ask questions like:

“How can we adjust the standard of living so we could be more humble, generous and happy?”
“What can we do as a major group in America to make our country more healthy, responsible, and better place to live rather than expecting the government and the big corporations to improve our standard of living?”
“What does the pursuit of liberty, justice and happiness for all look like during the times of economic downturn?”
“How can we steward what we already have to benefit not only ourselves but others in the process?”

The Middle Class Myth will continue to plague not only the middle class America but everyone in the US and in the world who is connected to sustain the standard of living of the middle class America who does not seem to be satisfied until it reaches the upper class standard of living.



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