Decisions and Trust

What decisions have you or others made that undermined your trust in God?

Assumptions are implicit filter of reality we use to function daily. Unintended actions without much reflections pave the way for assumptions to shape the way we view ourselves and others that hinder openness and change.

Often our excuses come from accusations of  others who made bad decisions that affect us adversely. The vicious cycle of accusations of others that lead to fixed assumptions about others leads to self-defensiveness and self-justification.

The important step in trusting someone is asking a question that will challenge the root of our assumptions – what good reason do I have in trusting myself over against anyone else – God, parents, family, friends, etc?



One thought on “Decisions and Trust

  1. Yes~I have been shown lately that I cannot trust myself..that I Must Trust God. In Him can I trust!

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