Embittered Soul

Do you have an embittered soul?

How do you know if your soul is embittered?

1. You know your soul is embittered if you are not serving people including yourself.
You barely take care of yourself to the effect of avoiding hospitalization either physical or mental.
You rarely take care of others even your loved ones to the point of invisible separation and isolation.
You share a house or room but not your life or heart.

2. You know your soul is embittered if you are filled with clinical anger in your service to people.
You take care of yourself methodically to maintain the ability and energy to take revenge as if you are a human sword that is being sharpened every day.
You take care of others in a way that breathes silent fear in them that they either are afraid of you or avoid you altogether.

3. Your soul is embittered because you have been burned by others and burned out by yourself.
You serve, love and give your life to others because you want to be acknowledged or recognized. When you receive no accolades or appreciation, you retreat with anger that leads to bitter apathy. You conserve your energy in your service to people to the point where it blows out. You see only smoke rising from the burned out soul.

Turning a bitter hard soul to a sweet and soft soul

1. Repent of your bitterness and the root causes of your bitterness to God.

2. Receive the Holy Spirit to turn your heart ready for the flames that would burn brightly to the glory of God.

3. Serve people with conviction, compassion and commitment of Jesus, the lover of your soul.

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