Jonathan Edwards on False Emotions

False emotions may seem to melt the heart for a time, but in the end they harden it.

People under the influence of false emotions eventually become less concerned about their sins – their past, present, and future sins. They take less notice of the warnings of God’s Word. They become more careless about the state of their souls and the manner of their behavior. They become less discerning about what is sinful, and less afraid of the appearance of evil in what they say and do. Why? Because they have such a high opinion of themselves. They have had religious impressions and experiences. So they think they are safe. Now that they think they are no longer in danger of hell, they begin to forsake self-denial, and allow themselves to indulge in their sins.

Such people do not accept Christ as their Savior FROM sin. They trust in him as the savior OF their sins!

They think Christ will allow them the quiet enjoyment of their sins…, and protect them from God’s displeasure.

(Jude 4 & Ezekiel 33:13)