Why We Love Lists


Top 10 list, 5 things you need to know, and scores of other lists grab our attention and affection because of the following:

1. Lists give you a sense of completion.
Whether your list is 10 things or 5 things, it’s completed at the end of the list.

2. Lists give you a sense of comfort.
You know that after you check off the list, you feel like your work is done.

3. Lists give you a sense of power.
You feel like you accomplished something when you complete the list.

4. Lists look neat.
They are usually numbered like this list or bulleted, in bold or highlighted.

5. Lists get to the point faster than long explanations or stories.
You don’t have to read anything between what is written between the numbers, points, or bullets usually.

6. Lists make you feel efficient.
You feel like it’s faster way of communicating something.

7. Lists make you look smart.
You feel like you know what you are saying.

8. Lists are flexible.
You can always add to the list.

9. Lists help you get organized.
You can see what’s missing.

10. List why you love lists.
You are invited to make your own list of why you love lists.