Conversation with Mormon Missionaries

10 Lessons Learned from Conversation with Mormon Missionaries

The other night, the door bell rang. I went to the door, turned the light on and looked through the peep hole. Two Mormon missionaries visiting in the evening time was a first. After a split second debate in my mind whether to open the door or not, I decided to open the door and say, “Thank you. No thank you.”

Actually, what I said was, after initial greeting, “Would you excuse me since I am helping my son with his homework? (I really was. You can ask my son)” They asked when would be a good time for them to return. I said, “That won’t be necessary.” I added further that I could look up the information online if I want to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

They did not leave, of course. “Most people do not know about our church.” I challenged both men about their assumptions and encouraged them to build relationships by opening their lives and homes to others.

I reflected on the conversation and realized that I could have served them better by being less defensive. I hope the list (in no particular order) would be helpful for your interactions with Mormon missionaries or other people.

1. What people want more than information is transformation.
2. Taking risks takes strong belief or commitment to something bigger than you.
3. It is easier to solicit and visit people’s homes than open and invite people to your homes.
4. It is easier to assume and ask questions that meet your needs than ask questions that meet other’s needs.
5. Christians need to see themselves as missionaries everyday.
6. The idol of comfort is more powerful and subtle than you think.
7. It is easier to tell people about your church than tell people about Jesus.
8. It is easier to hand out tracks than rightly handling the truth yourself first.
9. People need to read Seth Godin for marketing in general.
10. Perseverance and persistence are both good characters, but they will be great characters if connected to Jesus.
When was the last time you had a conversation with religious solicitors who ask you a lot of questions about what you believe? How did you respond to them?

How are you like Mormon missionaries who assume and ask questions that impose on others rather than relate and invite others to see who Jesus is and how Jesus is changing you to live for him?

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