Retreat, React or Respond

C.H. Lawrence says, “The word ‘monk’ itself derives from the Greek word monos meaning alone: monks were people who had withdrawn from society to pursue the spiritual life in solitude.”

For too long, people in Western world and those who have been influenced by the Western civilization have distorted views of God of the Bible and the world he has made:

1. Retreat
Christians retreat from the world due to real or perceived persecutions or hardships that they face. They create a safe haven or castle themselves shielding them from the harmful influences from the society in a desert or rural areas.

2. React  
Christians react against the nominal Christians and separate themselves as more orthodox or biblical Christians. They create theological, religious, ecclesiastical security check points to certify their authenticity and falsify others’ duplicity.

However, we are the beneficiaries of Christians in the past who somehow in the middle of retreats and reactions, have found a way to respond to God and used by God to see the continuing legacy of the gospel in the changed lives that have great impact on us.

3. Respond  
Christians respond to Jesus to seek silence to listen to God and solitude to be strengthened by God to go into the world as agents of change whether that calling is a call to martyrdom, marriage, family, ministry, administration, mercy, arts, commerce, hospitality, service, etc.

How are you going to relate to God, yourself, and to the world today?

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