Revive Us Again

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?
Psalm 85:6

Why Do We Want Revival?
I want to see the people of God revived and the church of God reformed in the 21st century.
But why?

Is my desire to see the revival in the people of God connected to the personal friendship and intimate fellowship with God or for our fame, comfort and control?

If I am not rejoicing in God today in who he is, what he has done, what he is doing and will do, to what end do I expect God to revive his people?

Prayer for Revival
Father, forgive us for wanting to see changes (revival or reformation) in your people for the sake of our fame, comfort, and control. Remove our follies of wanting to change people with our wisdom, our experience, our stories, and our skills.

Show us your steadfast love. Show us your mercy. Grant us your salvation. Let us hear what you will speak to us. Lead us in your righteousness. Guard us in your peace.

Help us to rejoice in you today, everyday and forevermore for your glory dwells in our land.

Practical Strategies for Seeking Revival  

  • Acknowledge and affirm the forgiveness of sins – removal of guilt, shame, and fear.
  • Acknowledge and affirm the favor from the Lord – removal of wrath and anger.
  • Ask God to revive us to know God better.
  • Ask God to show clear picture of grace and covenant keeping love in Jesus Christ.
  • Ask God to capture us with his glory daily.
  • Ask people around you if they are encouraged and empowered by you.
  • Ask if you are content and satisfied in Christ alone.

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