Global Christianity

  • Europe was home to over 70 percent of the world’s professing Christians in 1900, but by 2000, it was less than 30 percent. In the meantime, Latin America and Africa had become home to over 40 percent.
  • Africa had ten million professing Christians in 1900—about 10 percent of the population. But by 2000, the number was 360 million—about half the African population. This may mark the largest shift in religious affiliation in world history.
  • The number of practicing Christians in China is approaching the number in the United States.
  • Last Sunday . . . more Christian believers attended church in China than in all of so-called ‘Christian Europe.’
  • In a word, the Christian church has experienced a larger geographical redistribution in the last fifty years than in any comparable period in its history, with the exception of the very earliest years of church history.

Piper, John; Mathis, David. Finish the Mission (Kindle Locations 267-276). Good News Publishers. Kindle Edition.


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