What about the Patience Review?

Men are motivated by goals. Goals create results. Results mean success.

What about the relationships?

I face relational challenges as I am aware of lack of patience in relating to people that are most close to me… Carol, Karis and Kaden.

I am challenged not necessarily by the quantity of time but the quality of the quantity.

What questions do I ask my wife and my children?

How attentive and absorbed am I when I am with them?

Why do I want to spend time with them in the first place?

It’s like the daily Bible reading time.  I check off my YouVersion Bible reading schedule daily or catch up occasionally.

But I am faced with the same challenge:
What questions am I asking God?
How attentive and absorbed am I in reading God’s word?
Why do I want to spend time in God’s word in the first place?

Then I realize this: I am prone to performance and how people view and review my performance than be present before the face of God.

I need Jesus who saves me from my performance and who shows me his patience.

Do you need Jesus?

One thought on “What about the Patience Review?

  1. Definitely. I struggle with the same kind of challenges also, and I need the patience with those closest to me… Good thing Jesus doesn’t rate our performance, but accepts us as family members!

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