INTRODUCTION TO CITY, Center Church, p. 88

1. Fruitful ministry in the 21st century must embrace the unavoidable reality of the city.

2. A Center Church theological vision affirms that center cities are wonderful, strategic, and underserved places for gospel ministry and recognizes that virtually all ministry contexts are increasingly shaped by urban and global forces.

3. The world is on its way to becoming 70 percent urban, we all need a theological vision that is distinctly urban.

4. The city is coming to you.

5. Part 3, Gospel Contextualization, takes a look at the biblical foundations for balanced contextualization that is both respectful and challenging.

6. Part 4, City Vision, considers the key characteristics of city vision – its biblical thematic development and a genuine love for the city.

7. Part 5, Cultural Engagement, discusses the need for thoughtful engagement in four models and the proposal of blended approach for more biblically faithful and also fruitful for reaching urban culture.


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