Most Common Complaints



Yes one of the most common complaints I hear from men is that they don’t have enough time to spend with their families. Wives and children echo this complaint. One of the most common comments I’m hearing from the families of ambitious men is that their husbands and dads don’t spend enough time with them. When they are around, they’re staring at a phone, computer, or television.

Zeke Pipher in “Man on the Run”

Men, let us take the following questions to our wives and children as well as other men in your circles of influence.

  1. Do I respond well when you call me?  
  2. Do I make time for you without giving you attitude?
  3. Do I make you feel like you are interrupting or disrupting me?
  4. Do I make our family time fun, enjoyable and exciting?
  5. Do I make you feel loved, accepted, and cared for?
  6. Do I make you feel like I am with you the whole time when we are together?
  7. Do I make you feel afraid, annoyed, or awkward?
  8. Do I keep my promises?
  9. Do I show graciousness, gentleness, and gratitude?
  10. Do I help you to see Jesus?

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