Bible Reading Plan


Hello 2013.

I am encouraged by the truth of Jesus, excited to see it come alive, and want to celebrate the new year by sharing my Bible Reading Plan.

Last year, I started the ESV Study Bible plan and ended with 80%. Yes, I did not complete it. There were days I missed reading, days I tried to catch up, and all in all, I came up short of 100%.

As I go into my third year of using the Bible app (YouVersion) – a free Bibel app from available for all smart phones – for my daily Bible reading, I am finding out that it’s important to set “learning goals” and learn from both success and failures.

This year, I added two more plans “The Essential Jesus” and “God Is” to the One Year Bible reading plan to connect the daily Bible reading to Jesus and God.

“The Essential Jesus” takes you straight to the Bible passage that helps me to know why I am reading the Bible in the first place. Likewise, “God Is” helps me to see my identity in who God is and begin the day of “getting things done” from the right perspective.

Finally, “Eat This Book” invites me to make connection to the story of God that provides an umbrella for the everyday story and drama that happen.

So here we go, as I share what the “unpacking” or the “embodying” process of the Word of God in and through my life looks like, I pray that this blog “Everyday Gospel” will provide you with encouragement, comfort, participation, affection and sympathy that come from Christ and the Holy Spirit.


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