Daddy, the Bible is Not a Good Book

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On our way back from church the other day, our family discussed about how we are doing with our Bible reading for the new year.

We congratulated and encouraged one another for keeping up with their Bible reading schedule.

Then my son had a question.

“Daddy, what’s circumcision?” Suddenly the mood went from awesome to awkward. So instead of deflecting it, my wife and I decided to turn into a biblical education on biology, sex, and much more.

The List

  1. Sarai and Hagar and what “go into” my servant means.
  2. The two angels and the Men of Sodom what we may “know them” means when the men of Sodom demanded Lot to give up his guests.
  3. Lot and his daughters and what we will “lie with him” means.

The Observation  
After talking about surrogacy, homosexuality, and incest (I didn’t use these words with my kids. Just so you know), my son said, “Daddy, the Bible is not a good book.”  I agreed with him about his observation and talked about why some people would call the Bible the “Good Book.”

The Conclusion
I shared with my children how the Bible is like a mirror that shows how people really are including us. How corrupt, evil, rebellious, sinful, and selfish people are. The Genesis episodes show the raw, unedited, unrated and unapologetic picture of people who are in need of a rescue in many ways.

At the same, the stories show us a God who relates, responds, and rescues his people.  The Bible not only serves as mirror showing who we really are, but also it shows us God. Just like the evening news ends with a rescue story or victory news of a local sports team, the stories of rescue are sprinkled and scattered throughout.

The Bible is God’s word written for us to know the Good News.  The Good News shows both the good and bad.  The Bible is a Good News because it tells us the truth.  Truth about God and about us.

Truth hurts. Truth is not comfortable. Truth confronts. Truth tells us not to confuse good with God. The Bible is a God-book. A book about God, written by God, for God’s people and to God’s glory.

We read God’s word, see God in the world, and respond to God to his will.

How are you doing in your Bible reading?
Do you see God and yourself in the Bible? Do you respond to God to his will?