Are You a Target Christian?

Image 1-11-13 at 11.57 PM


“Expect More, Pay Less” is the slogan that Target uses to promote their products and service.

Is your attitude toward Christianity, “Expect More, Pay Less”?

I see how easily I could “expect more and pay less.” I expect more from other people to serve me, pay less attention to people and their needs.

Cheap Work, Not Good. Good Work, Not Cheap.

The other day, I saw a license plate border that read, “Cheap work, no good.” “Good work, not cheap.” We know this truth, but somehow, we expect good work that is inexpensive. We look for good eats that are cheap. 

God’s Workmanship Created for Good Work  

Christians are called to do “good work” as God’s workmanship. Chew on that thought…
How are you doing as God’s workmanship? Are you intentional about how you live your life?
How then shall you live if you know who you are? 



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