Fellowship of the Believers

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To the believers in the book of Acts, the fellowship of the believers looked like devotion to apostles’ teaching, breaking of the bread and the prayer.

The fellowship of the believers often can be reduced to eating nachos and watching a ball game, sharing a potluck, or meet up at a coffee shop.

The fellowship of the believers looks like sharing the word, showing the word, and saying the word. 

  1. Sharing the word in devotion to the apostles’ teaching.
    You can’t share what you have not experienced. You can talk about something you have no idea about.
    Reading the word, reflecting on the word, recording the word, responding to the word, and reviewing the word help believers to see and taste that Jesus is good.

  2. Showing the word in breaking of bread.
    Jesus’ body broken and blood shed are shown every time we remember Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in the Lord’s supper.
    Jesus’ body being broken connects to our brokenness and weakness and conforms us to become more like him by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus’ blood being shed connects to our guilt, shame, and fears and cleanses our hearts, minds, and bodies from corruption, condemnation, and confusion of sin, death, and Satan’s conspiracy.
  3. Saying the word in prayer.
    Prayer is learning Jesus’ language, Jesus’ language of dependence and trust in the Father.

How is your praying life?

  • Do you pray like a child? 
  • Do you trust as your pray?
  • Do you ask your Father in heaven for what you need?
  • Do you see yourself in God’s story?
  • When do you pray?

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