Who is Jesus?


Jesus is the Word.

Your desires of the flesh and anxieties of doing life on earth hold you back from meeting Jesus. Your desires to eat, drink and be merry are good because God created food, drink, and happiness. However, when you replace the desires of the flesh for what your soul truly longs for, Jesus becomes boring because Jesus remains a point, principle, and philosophy.

Have you seen Jesus’ glory?
Jesus desired to do his Father’s will above and beyond his desires of the flesh for eating, drinking, and being merry to a point that Jesus became the food and the drink that truly satisfy your soul.

Who is Jesus to You?
Jesus is one of the three according to his claims: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord.
Jesus is more than a prophet. Jesus is more than a king of the Jews. Jesus is more than a priest. Jesus is Christ the Lord. The only Son of God in whom you find your true identity.

How do others see Jesus in You?
You show a sense of gratitude.
You forgive others.
You accept responsibility for your failures.
You desire to read God’s word.
You listen to God actively.
You embrace change.
You exude joy.
You give, serve, and care for others.