Thankful every day

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Are you thankful?

Being Thankful is Hard

When are you thankful? Why are you thankful?
How do you show your thankfulness?

It is hard for me to be thankful when I think about what I want and wish. It is hard for me to say, “Thank you” when I feel like things are not going the way I expected or planned.

Being Thankful begins with God

But I am thankful when I think about God’s word to me, about God’s work for me and about God’s will in my life in Jesus Christ.

I am thankful because God speaks to me in his word and invites me to his story of creation, redemption, and completion – where I find meaning, purpose and value of life.

I am thankful because God finished the work of salvation through life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – how I can find comfort and contentment in the midst of fear, failure, and frustrations.

I am thankful because God shows his will in my life as I trust him daily for my needs as well as my wants and seek to obey him every day in all things as I follow Jesus.

Share Your Thankfulness

What are you thankful for today, this week, this month, or this year?
How would you show your thankfulness?