My Hell and God’s Hell

Sin: Why Hell Exists
Sin separates the intention and communication. In other words, sin distorts communication by questioning the intention.

If you don’t pay attention when people are talking to you, you offend people because you are separating the words and the person who gives the meaning to those words.

I carry an invisible rocket launcher for those who cut me on the road. I imagine blowing them up and making sure that they would never cut me again. In reality, my rocket launcher is just the headlight beam that would annoy the guy who cut me through the rear-view mirror.

My Hell: Why Life is Hard
I show my hell through my condescending looks, apathy, cold shoulder, loud voice, cutting words, and malicious thoughts about the people who offend me. My hell usually is an imaginary place or action to those who wrong me and occasional tense looks, hard words, and loud voices to those who know me. I stop at imagination and emotions because raising my hell to the level of physical and social level would land me in a concrete hell called jail.

How do you show your hell? – breaking or throwing stuff, hurting yourself and others, maligning words, threats, and various weapons?

God’s Hell: How You Can Find Help 
If I had a power to put all the bad, dangerous, or evil people to a place where they can’t hurt or bring pain to people I love and care for, I certainly wouldn’t mind creating a hell for them where they can be rightly punished, tortured, and suffer for what they have done and who they are – making sure all the people who show hell in real life are locked up for good.

This brings me to the final point about God’s hell.  Everyday I deal with my emotions that I would seldom admit to be hellish since I don’t want to look like a bad guy or be considered evil. My family can vouch for the good guy image I manage and maintain.

But when I think about God and his word and how I sin against him by not paying attention to him, I wonder if my hell is the result of not fully recognizing the reality of God’s hell and fully experiencing the salvation from God’s hell.

If I truly believe in God’s hell, I think my hell would disappear in everyday life and perhaps people might see what it looks like to be saved from God’s hell and turn to Jesus.

Do you doubt the existence of hell?  If you do, how do you deal with people who offend, hurt, abuse, malign, and ignore you?

I pray for the increased sense and reality of God’s hell so that I would flee to Christ daily and see my hell decrease and disappear.