The Mission

Recently our family visited the San Diego Mission as you can see in the picture to learn about the Mission History in California that began in 1769. Franciscan Friar Father Junipero Serra was chosen to lead the California mission who was nearly 56 years of age. The visit to the San Diego Mission put many things in perspective as our move to Southern California for the mission of planting a church planting church has already been almost two years.

The Man

I feel the weight of “spiritual parenting” and “spiritual warfare” physically, mentally, and spiritually. At times, it is exhausting to do what you need to do as husband, father, business owner and church planter. However, it is exhilarating to see Jesus work in me and others in building his church.

My time in word and prayer on a daily basis is my lifeline in terms of resting in God with respect to “results” for both church and business.

Also, monthly prayer gathering with A29 brothers in Orange County and check in time with the provisional elder team (Pastor Matt Kyser of Village Church of Irvine and Pastor Nick Bogardus of Cross of Christ Church in Costa Mesa) really help me to be in community and under authority for my sanity and integrity.

Sometimes, I feel like one of the servants Nehemiah described in the project of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, “Those who carried burdens were loaded in such a way that each labored on the work with one hand and held his weapon with the other” (Nehemiah 4:17). 

The Marriage and the Family

Carol and I are creative with finding time to connect, sync, and work on our marriage throughout the week – we do lunch dates, happy hour hang outs, and weekend drives to name a few.

Karis and Kaden are doing well in school and are adjusting well thanks to many young single folks in our church who make it intentional to talk to them and play with them. It’s awesome to see both of them practicing worship music with piano and violin. Karis started playing volleyball and I get to coach “The Dolphins” (a group of girls ranging from 3rd to 5th grades). Kaden helps out picking up volleyballs and enjoys playing catch after the practice.

We are praying for families with older children (Karis and Kaden’s age) to be on mission with us as well as some older couples who can provide stability and support.

Financially, we are working on being self-sufficient in the next two years. We are praying for the growth of business and church for us to be giving and investing in church planters and new churches. In the meantime, I want to ask more churches and individuals to invest in a gospel-centered church in the midst of very conservative, consumeristic religious culture in Orange County.

Here’s how you can give: click HERE (give to church) and click HERE (refer business).

The Ministry

We live in a world where “everyone does what is right in his own eyes.” Jesus calls us to do what is right in God’s eyes.

Pray with us and for us for the following:

1. We praise Jesus for 20 members committed to the mission of making everyday disciples at Center Church. We are preparing to celebrate it with 2 baptisms this month.

2. We get to encourage discipleship and equip the church for service and evangelism.

  • Marriage Conversation (Sunday morning)
  • Irvine Community Group (Monday evening)
  • Men’s Community Group (Tuesday evening)
  • Men’s Prayer (Wednesday morning)
  • Tustin Community Group (Thursday evening)
  • Evangelism Outreach (Saturday afternoon)

3. A new sermon series in the book of Judges will be used by God to convict, challenge, and call both Christians and non-Christians to live a life of full-hearted discipleship.

The Message

Who is at the center of your life?  One of our young men made the church card with this question inviting people with the intention of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We thank you for keeping us in your prayers, for your support, and the common mission of making disciples of Jesus to the end of the age.

May the peace of Christ who promised to be with us until the end rule in your hearts and homes.