Sunday Morning Run


Couch to 5K
It’s been almost a year and half since I started running 5K every Sunday morning. One of the biggest reasons I was able to continue and keep up with is the men you see in the picture above.

Commitment and Community
Anything worthwhile takes work. What makes work enjoyable is community. What makes community worthwhile is commitment. Where does your commitment come from? Are you committed to anything or anyone?

Good News
Did you know that Jesus is committed to bring you into the community of the Father, the Son and the Spirit through a local gathering of believers who are committed to loving one another, doing life together, and fighting for the truth that Jesus is Lord? You can join me and the brothers in the picture this afternoon at 1 pm if you are in Irvine, CA area. For more information, visit Center Church
I want to encourage you take a step in the direction of following Jesus and find out that he is in fact good, gracious, great and glorious God who is worthy of your worship.