Piss and Moan Club

Piss and Moan Club

Antique Find That Is So Now

I walked into an antique shop the other day as I had some time between my appointments.
The sign above captured my attention. It paved a way for a quick conversation with the owner how we are all members of this club.

You Are What You Say

I fished an article to chew on during my lunch break “Make Your Own Sandwich” same day and thought, “I like tuna sandwich.” But to continue the thought of “Piss and Moan Club”, I thought the reason we find so many people including myself mumbling, grumbling, and complaining is the reality of man turned on himself. People use terms like “Narcissism,” “ADHD,” “PTSD,” etc to describe how they feel. The genius of the PMC is found in the epidemic of people turned on themselves – navel gazing – to the point of depression, despair, and death. Everyone is looking for a way out. But, too often, that way out is a way straight to self. Everything and anything people say is all about self, self-referenced, self-anchored, and self-fulfilling propaganda.

The Weak Mighty Warrior

I preached the message last Sunday with the title The Weak Mighty Warrior from Judges 6.   Yes, I find myself in PMC for things that are not done, not as good, not ready, and not available. But, just as the message spoke to me (sorry sermon is not recorded and is not available, but you can read “Judges for You” by Tim Keller to get the picture), the way out is not found in us. The way out is found in the person who knows we are lifetime member of PMC but still calls us Mighty Warrior. Read the section in Judges 6 about the call of Gideon (Gideon was a member of PMC).

World or the Word

The world tells you to believe in yourself. I believe it’s a surest way to remain a lifetime member of Piss and Moan Club. The Word (the Bible or God’s Word) tells you to believe in Jesus. I believe it’s the best way to stop being a lifetime member of Piss and Moan Club and start being a lifetime member of Pray and Meditate on the Cross.

Pray = bring your grievances, grumblings, and complaints to Jesus
Meditate = think why Jesus was crucified, why Jesus is no longer on the cross, and what your cross looks like.

What Say You Now

Do you say things to yourself to reinforce your assumptions to feel superior or defensive?
Do you say things to yourself to really feel the need to pray and meditate on the cross of Jesus?

Let me encourage you to join your nearest gathering of believers to hear how the ancient and contemporary problem of sin has been dealt by Jesus on the cross so that you can find hope and help for your pains and become peacemakers for the problems in the world.