Fall Update

Fall Update

Dear family and friends,

Today I read an article from ChurchLeaders.com about “10 Traits of Pastors Who Have Healthy Long-Term Tenure.”
My prayer is to become the pastor who has healthy long-term tenure at Center Church.    
We look forward to how God would continue to grow us as his children and train us to go and make disciples of all nations in the everyday context.   

After one year of new church plant, we are learning to speak the gospel language and want to share how we updated values or how we unpack “Making Everyday Disciples” with three words: Follow, Family, Friend.

Discipleship needs follow up and follow through. Conversations about what confession of faith in Jesus Christ looks like, commitment to the local body of Christ looks like, and what cultivating intentional relationships in different communities looks like will be documented and shared among members for mutual discipleship.

Healthy families do life together, grow in character and go forward in their calling.
We meet from Sunday brunches to Saturday work outs. Small groups called “Community Groups” meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in different neighborhoods in Irvine and locations in Orange County.

Healthy families take care of business and get things done. We have various committees that take care of different needs and tasks for the church body and members serve in accordance to their gifting and calling.

Making everyday discipleship happens when we cultivate friendship with everyday people.
We want to be intentional in our invites to social events Center Church members host, in participating events that are hosted by others, and in showing up at public events in communities, in cities, and in the region.

For your consideration and action:
1. Can you name a person you are in intentional discipling relationship with?

2. Do you see your church members other than Sunday?  Do you give joy to others through what you do for your church?

3. Can you name at least one person you can invite to attend church service or an event?