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“Can you trust your insurance agent with your wallet?”

Trust means “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something”
Agent means “a person who does business for another person: a person who acts on behalf of another.”

I ask this question to people for them to understand the importance of trust and the convenience of the agent, who looks out for your interest and everyday concerns.

The Choi Agency believes in character, ability, strength and truth.
The Choi Agency does insurance business to take care of your everyday concerns (both personal and business).

Bad news is that accidents and losses do occur.
But the good news is that we have insurance companies you can leverage to get you back where you belong.

Our family has been with Farmers for more than three decades. When it comes down to insurance, you want to make sure the insurance company has the ability to pay out claims and the track record of being true to the policy holders.

Who is your insurance agent?  Can you trust your insurance agent with your auto, home, business, or even your life?

For those of you who want to connect trust with numbers, here’s a quick look at California Footprint of Farmers Insurance Group of Companies as of November 20, 2013

Employees                                                                         4,496
Exclusive agents and district mangers                        3,935
Independent agents                                                         3,986
Total compensation                                        $1,072,001,429
Municipal bonds                                                $545,529,660
Taxes paid                                                            $151,093,260
Total claims paid                                            $2,977,898, 951
Market rank                                                                                1
Market share                                                                        8.9%
Autos insured                                                             2,963,288
Homes insured                                                           1,808,339
Business policies issued                                               165,220
Speciality policies issued                                              322,918
Umbrella policies issued                                               101,210
Life and Annuity policies issued                                 435,785
Total policies in force                                                 5,796,760

(Employees includes employees of the Farmers Exchanges and Farmers Group, Inc.)
(Total compensation includes employee salaries and agent commissions)
(Market share and market rank information provided by SNL Financial)
(Total policies in force includes all Farmers companies operating in the state)

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