I have been approved by the City of Irvine


LA Times reported on November 11, 2014, “FBI ranks Irvine as safest big city in U.S. for 10th year in a row.”

Good news
I want to celebrate a decade of civic safety in a place where I live and work by sharing the news that I have become a member of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). I believe this is one of the ways the followers of Christ can be citizens and saints in the city participating in the works of public safety and security in light of enjoying the eternal safety and security found in Christ.

“Interactions with different cultures help us lose our blinders and slowly but surely move to a more rounded biblical Christianity.” Tim Keller

I have trained with people from different countries and backgrounds for the common goal of taking care of family and neighbors in case of emergency. I have learned that the life I save might be my own through this training. It is so easy for me to make assumptions about people who are different and become defensive in my attitude and actions. But what I found from interacting with people in the city is that engaging with people is safer than escaping from people.

I am seeking the prosperity and peace of our community as I am led by the Holy Spirit by doing life together and getting things done for family, friends, and fellow citizens.

Do you know what to do in case of emergency for your loved ones?  
Here’s the list of web sites of interest:
1. FEMA’s national web site for disaster preparedness. Excellent general advice and a good place to start.
2. Are You Ready? is a 200 page FEMA publication that provides a step-by-step approach to disaster preparedness and specific information by disaster type.
3. The American Red Cross has a web site full of excellent tips and information related to most of the natural disasters that occur, including a few topics not covered at FEBA’s Are You Ready website.
4. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established this website as a hub for national information on pandemic influenza.