Asian is the new Anglo

According to Ministry Area Profile of Irvine 2012 by Percept Group, the 2017 projected population by race/ethnicity in Irvine is 50.2% Asian.  Maybe, some people already feel like this is a reality depending on the neighborhoods or business districts. I am using the phase, “Asian in the new Anglo,” in relation to the majority demographic group and nothing else.

Below is a list of links that deal with socio-economic implications as well as socio-political challenges and changes that are happening in 21st century Pacific America.

Asians Americans: The New White?
How the Asians Became White
The Pacific Age
The Rise of Asian Americans

See how the latest epic motion picture “Big Hero 6” incorporates Asian as the context of the story with its city “San Fransokyo.”

Welcome to Pacific America!

If you speak, read, write English everyday, you are an Anglo linguistically whether you like it or not.
Now, in places like Irvine or San Francisco, people who use English everyday might not fit the cultural or racial perception of “Anglo Americans” meaning “White Americans” who have been influenced by Judeo-Christian values and Eurocentric imperialistic geo-political agenda or ideals.

Irvine Spectrum Center

A visit to Irvine Spectrum Center (shopping center conveniently located at the crossing of interstate 5 and 405) shows the values that bring people from all Asian nations (from Middle East, South East, and East) = affluence, amenities, and attractions.

This demographic can be challenging for people who assume majority or superiority (economic, educational, or ethnic) because at least for those of us who live in the “Pacific America” areas, majority does not equate superiority.

Questions to consider:
What are some cultural and social trends you notice where you live, work and play?
Which responses do you feel: escape, entrench, or engage?