Make Your Silent “Thank You” Audible

Thank you_edited

Make your silent “Thank you” audible.

How many times do you actually say, “Thank you,” to people throughout the day?
Did you say, “Thank you,” when you picked up your order at your favorite coffee shop today?
Was it a silent “Thank you” or was it audible?
Maybe we are not happy because we don’t hear ourselves expressing gratitude in words with our voice.

Have you ever wondered why your “Thank you”s are silent?  We don’t say “Thank you” because we feel like it’s not good enough or we deserve better.  Both bitterness of not getting what you want and boredom of easily getting what you want make your “Thank you” void and null.

So how do you say, “Thank you” meaningfully and intentionally?

Only in Christ you have a paradox of the gift and the giver who is the genesis and the zenith of greatness, grace, goodness, and glory.  Only in Christ, the guilt of theft of God’s glory removed and the shame of ruining God’s beauty covered.

Make your silent confession of sins audible to Jesus and say, “Thank you” for his forgiveness and love.

How would your day be different if you started your day by saying, “Thank you,” and finished your day by saying, “Thank you”?
Create a gracious and generous culture by saying, “Thank you,” genuinely and feel great because that is the deepest desire you have – to be great.

Pick up your coffee tomorrow morning and create your “Thank you” moment for you and people around you.