The Consumer Spirit

Image borrowed from the blog – The Unbounded Spirit

Whether the evangelical subculture is conscious of it or not, the consumer spirit is deeply entrenched in its soul: that is, in many ways its soul is but a reflection of the larger culture’s own narcissistic spirit. The consumer church mind-set [of getting the spiritual goods we want at the least cost to ourselves], which offers self-gratification and fulfillment to the individual, is not “redemptive.” Rather, this mind-set is violent: It enslaves and violates those who have bought into it, causing them to spiral further inward and downward into the bottomless pit of their insatiable desires. The church must awaken and see itself as a peculiar people with a particular politics, a people whose mission includes shaping each other’s lives through conversion and participation in the crucified body of the risen Christ.

Paul Louis Metzger