The Precious Spirit


Borrowed from google image search.                     Credit: Luis Quiles

The Bible Tells Me So
I grew up in a Christian home. No, I did not have “Precious Moments” Stories from the Bible, but I was told to read the Bible because it is God’s word.  I read the Bible from the time I was able to read. I lied about how much Bible I read to my aunt who checked on me each day. I got prizes because I aced Bible quizzes from Sunday school. I memorized chapters of the Bible and mastered the Bible trivia.

From Precious Moments to My Precious
I fell in love with the Bible in college that I changed my major from Biology to Classics so I can read the Bible in its original languages, at least the New Testament. I thought teaching Bible and theology at an institution where future pastors are trained will certainly bring about changes and reforms in the churches that will in turn change the world.

Neither Precious Moments Nor My Precious
It is so easy for many Bible believing Christians to treat the Word of God in a touch-feely emotional, spiritual trinket or tract to make you feel safe, happy and good in this evil, sad and bad world. On the other hand, it is so easy for many Bible believing Christians to treat the Word of God in a gollum-like treasure and truth that makes you ugly, Bible-thumping, emaciated, lifeless being that no one is attracted to or willing to pay attention to.

The Word Spirit
Jesus is the Word of God in full humanity and in full deity.  Word was God. Word became man.
The Word Spirit helps us to understand what precious moments look like in light of eternity and what is truly precious in opposition to what the World Spirit – Satan – would have people believe. Satan’s precious little lie – be your own Maker – and construct a world of make believes.

Life in this post-postmodern world where people are left with no absolute or the so called “objective truth” is a mad rush to claim your identity, carve out your image, and cement your brand in this brave not so new world.

Don’t you want to meet, get to know, and receive the Holy Spirit who helps you understand that what lies beneath the “precious moments” or “my precious” is the desire for you to be “holy” – the quintessence of transcendent and immanent: most personal, most significant, and most special being?