Gospel of Sufferings

“Thou, who didst once wander on earth, leaving footprints which we should follow; Thou, who still from Thy heaven dost look down upon each wanderer, dost strengthen the weary, encourage the despondent, lead back the erring, comfort the striving; Thou, who also at the end of days shalt return to judge whether each man individually has followed Thee: our God and our Savior, let Thy example stand clearly before the eyes of our soul to disperse this mists; strengthen us that unfalteringly we may keep this before our eyes, that we by resembling and following Thee may later find the way to the judgment, for it behooves every man to be brought to the judgment, oh, but also through Thee to be brought to eternal happiness hereafter with Thee. Amen.”

Soren Kierkegaard