Who is speaking to you?

“Who is speaking to you?” John 4:1-26

When was the last time you felt like you were ignored? Do you remember what you did at that time?

What kind of thoughts did you have? This week we get to analyze one to one conversation between Jesus and the woman of Samaria that invites you to see what you are really paying attention to.

Throughout the series of John’s gospel, we are asking the question, “Who is Christ?” Jesus is the Christ is the answer. We are taking a look at this question by considering the conversation Jesus has with the Samaritan woman. Jesus helps the Samaritan woman come to the conclusion that Jesus who is speaking to her is the Christ she is looking for. It is my hope and prayer that you arrive at the same conclusion as we listen to the message from God’s Word.

Jesus is speaking to you.
26. Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am he.”

This passage has great themes such as well, marriage, and worship woven into the conversation that digs deep into the heart of the Samaritan woman.
We will focus on the conversation itself and use the following three words as a tool to analyze the conversation.

The truth is that we are constantly speaking to someone or something

Malediction: speaking ill
Addiction: speaking to
Benediction: speaking well

This means that we are all addicted to someone or something.
No one wants bad things to happen to them or people speaking ill about them.

Bad news is that we mistake addiction with benediction.

Just because we are speaking to someone or spoken to doesn’t make our life better.  The important question is, “Is the person who is speaking to you good, wants good for you, and knows what is good for you?”

Good news is that Jesus who is good, wants good for you and knows what is good for you is speaking to you.
Jesus is speaking to you. Good news or the benediction is Jesus speaks to you in his word and by his Spirit.

How you know you are listening to yourself  

  1. You pay attention to labels (external factors).
  2. You look down on others and live in the past.
  3. You put your needs above others and pursue convenience.
  4. You know what you don’t have.
  5. You assume things about other people.
  6. You arrive at your own conclusion.

How you know you are listening to Jesus

  1. You are practical.
  2. You are grateful and do not take things for granted.
  3. You are content.
  4. You are vulnerable.
  5. You are vulnerable and truthful.
  6. You are expectant.
  7. You know who you are and why you do what you do.
  8. You are loved.

What does repentance look like if you are speaking to yourself?

CG Questions

1. What causes you to ignore people?

2. Why do you feel like people are ignoring you?

3. When do you feel like you are being heard?

4. How do you know if you are listening to yourself?

5. How do you know if you are listening to Jesus?