December Prayer Points

Dear friends of Center Church,

Jesus is the answer to the question, “Why?” 
Why do we celebrate Christmas? Because Jesus came to save the world.
Why do we rejoice even in the midst of darkness? Because Jesus is the light of the world.
Why do we give gifts to one another? Because Jesus gave himself to us first.

1. We pray for the world to be found in the light and life of Jesus because of the Father’s love. – Join us as we listen to the Advent messages centered around the question, “Why Jesus Came to the World.” Visit the Center Church website for the audio of each Sunday’s message.

2. We fight for joy in Jesus. 
– This month can be filled with many activities and events that distract us from experiencing the true joy in Christ.

3. We follow the story of Jesus.
– Jesus is the beginning and the end. As 2015 comes to an end and 2016 begins, we want to press on toward the goal of becoming like Christ as we find our identity in His face, our maturity in His body and our glory in His great commission.

Thank you for praying for us and with us.
Pastor Samuel