Who Created God?

Who Created God?

Child or Critic

A child can honestly ask, “Who created God?” or “Who made God?” as he or she reads the creation story from the Bible.  Many smart people who sound very sophisticated have raised the same question and have conveniently concluded that God is a mental projection of man’s fears and desires.

Stories of Creation

So how do we know who created God or the universe? In the message Created, we get to explore briefly the stories of creation then and now and consider the truth Creatio Ex Nihilo. What I know for sure with 100% certainty is that I am not God. I have not caused anything visible to be created except for my own children. But that’s the claim that my wife can make since she gave birth to them.

A Very Logical and Sensible Response 

If God did create everything out of nothing by the power of his word, then a very logical and sensible response to that reality would be the statement Kenneth Blanchard is known for

“Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less.”