The defining moments in your life happen in major events that result either in a gain or a loss of your family, ability, or identity: moments of gain – birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, promotions, etc. and moments of loss – accidents, breakups, failures, depression, and ultimately death.

Center Church
For me, last Sunday was one of those defining moments as the church plant project that transpired the journey of “Everyday Gospel” celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary.  Actually, it was exactly three years ago today, September 15, 2013, that marked the official start of a new church plant that loves Jesus, community and the city.


Genesis “In the Beginning”
We began a new sermon series on the book of Genesis last Sunday as well.
In the message, The Story of God, we unpacked the main idea, “The story of God defines you in Jesus.”

What’s your story? 
Has it been a while since you shared your story? I want to encourage you because it’s been six months since I wrote here. For those of you who are following this blog, I would appreciate your feedback and encouragement for me to continue sharing (more writing) the story of God defining and shaping me in Jesus on this blog.  Thank you.