Living Room in the Sky

If you have been on a plane, it’s a beautiful sight beyond the window of your seat. You feel like it’s so easy to be up in the sky overlooking at the clouds. Business class cabin will make you feel like you are relaxing in your living room watching TV with a drink in your hand. Maybe flying first class might come close in terms of where heaven is and what being in heaven feels like.


However, your sense of heaven can be lost as soon as the next turbulence hits the plane. Find out the answer where real heaven is in this message “The Heavens and the Earth.”
How do you feel when your sense of control is compromised?  How do you feel when you feel like you are not yourself? How do you feel when no one cares about you? Thoughts race through your mind. Emotions overwhelm your body everyday.

Listen to Your Emotions

What types of emotions do you experience on a daily basis? Negative, neutral, or positive? What do your emotions reveal about yourself? Do you know that your sense of self is connected to the other person?  How much time do you spend in actual interpersonal conversations that do not involve weather, work, politics, sports, or entertainment?  I would recommend writing your thoughts or your feelings in a notebook to really face yourself and acknowledge where you are so you can be found.