What do you feel when you see an artwork that is abstract and dark?
People might appreciate abstract and darkness as an art form. However, what would you feel if your finances, relationships and schedule are in the dark and out of control?


What if we begin to acknowledge things like abstract, darkness, and evil and affirm their presence?  What if we acknowledge the person who is not only aware of the chaos and darkness but allow them to exist as a part of a greater purpose? Learn more about the person who created and controls both darkness and the deep in the message The Deep.


The abstract artist knows the meaning and even the beauty of the artwork that seems to be chaotic and dark at the outset. Likewise, it would be wise to acknowledge the presence of the work of art before calling it a problem or something to be rid of because you are not the artist. What would it look like if you apply this principle to your finances, relationships, and schedule?

Life is hard but it will feel a lot more harsh if you expect to be in control of everything.
Who or what do you depend on, lean in, or trust to find moments of happiness and hope?