Talk Is Cheap

We don’t like people just talking about doing something because too often people who talk about doing something don’t end up doing what they talk about. What we discover about ourselves is that there is this connection between talking and doing that causes us to anticipate action that leads to changes.

Power Talk 

Have you ever wondered why there is a gap between the talk and the walk?  What makes talk cheap is a sense of pity because you fail to do what you said.  What makes talk powerful is a sense of pride because what you said happened.  Unfortunately, too often, power talk leads to power trip where you feel inferior to the person who is speaking rather than included by the person who is speaking. Find out about the different kind of power talk – a speech that is so powerful that it creates the whole universe and at the same time includes you in the story  – in the message God Said.

Everyday Talk

Who talks to you everyday?  What do you say when you look at yourself in a mirror? If you are married, what does your spouse say as you start your day? If you have children, what do you say to your children as you drop them off at school?  What or who do you listen to during your commute to work or school? It is so easy to consume all kinds of “he said, she said” in the media that distract and discourage you because they are cheap talks that gossip, grumble, and gloat. TED talks might inspire, SNL talks might entertain, but whose talk will help you know who you really are and change your life?