Fruit Bomb
A long time ago, like the denotation of a nuclear bomb, it happened. The first human beings unleashed the power of sin by eating the forbidden fruit.  The desire to be like God without God has consequences that permeate every aspect of a person, society, and cosmos.

War Zone
Do you feel attacked, harassed, and annoyed at least once a day?  Welcome to the war zone. Sin is a radiation of desire to be like God without the center.  In a world of sin, life is a big struggle from its start until the end. Your daily frustrations have various causes. But they all come from the enemy who deceives, divides, and devours that come his way. Listen to the message The First Gospel to learn about the ways that the enemy attacks.

Head to Heel
It is very counter-intuitive and counter-cultural to talk about the hate when everyone wants to talk about the happy. I invite you to talk about the “head” and the “heel” in Genesis 3:15 and the unfolding story of rescue and restoration by the seed of the woman during this month. Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year because the seed of the woman is Jesus the Christ – the Savior of all.