How many of us would pick up everything and relocate to a new state or a new country without the guarantee of a job or the presence of family and friends? Abram received a call from the Lord who told him to leave his country, his kindred, and his father’s house to a land that he has never visited before. Why would God call you to do something you are not comfortable doing?

You might have heard that seeing is believing. Let me submit to you that being is believing.  The world tells you to do in order for you to feel like you are someone. The Bible invites you to see the story of God in which you are being shaped through your response to the ultimate Being. Listen to the message God’s Call, Our Response to find out how this call relates to Christmas.

We celebrate Christmas because Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. The world does not know how to be a blessing unto others. What the world offers is for you to do your best to be happy, free, and comfortable. However, just as the water that flows gives life and refreshes others, true happiness is found when you become a blessing to others. Look no further than the Savior of the world to find out how you can be a blessing.