Dane Ortlund in his book “Edwards on the Christian Life” claims that Jonathan Edwards who is known for the sermon, ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ has given us the beauty of the Christian life. Ortlund expresses Edward’s theology of the Christian life in a single sentence,”Sinners are beautified as they behold the beauty of God in Jesus Christ.” Beauty can be defined as the visible glory of God. The visible universe displays this beauty of God from quantum physics to cosmology. But what does it look like to see beauty in your life or feel beautiful as a person?


The idiom “the beauty is in the eye of beholder” explains the important connection between the person who is seeing and what is being seen. The bad news is that the eyes of man are never satisfied (Proverbs 27:20). The standard of beauty changes because people change. There is no lasting true satisfaction in life. Honestly, people face the brokenness of life more than the beauty of life. So how do you make life beautiful when your life feels like a huge burden? Listen to the message Center of Life to find out how you can make life beautiful.  In the final analysis, the question, “Who beholds you, considers you and moves you?” will begin the process of beautification and satisfaction of your life.