What is involved in remembering someone?

“Today we stay connected to people only as long as they are meeting our particular needs at an acceptable cost to us. When we cease to make a profit – that is, when the relationship appears to require more love and affirmation form us than we are getting back – then we ‘cut our losses’ and drop the relationship.” Tim Keller

I do not know how you remember God. But I can show you from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation how God remembered his creatures and his creation in a covenant – a promise of true belonging.

If you relate to God or remember God out of fear of punishment or judgment only, I would submit to you that you do not know the God of the Bible. You do not know the Father of the Lord Jesus.

What was the circumstance of God calling to Adam? What does it teach about God and his character when God asks, “Where are you?”  God’s commitment to Adam created true belonging for Adam and his wife Eve.

When first human beings tried to change themselves to be like God they ended up separating themselves from God – disconnecting and distancing from God by the physical act of hiding and by erecting the spiritual firewall called shame.

Commitment creates true belonging by God remembering you as the image bearers of God and calling you and asking where you are in becoming who you are called to be.

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